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Non-circulating print copies of theses and dissertations are available for viewing in the Archives and Special Collection Department at the Thomas J. Printing Use a clear font no smaller than 10 point and no larger than 12 point.

Before you approach a faculty member to be your thesis advisor, you should have a clear idea about the types of questions and topics you would like to pursue.

Thesis Guidelines

Ideally, your advisor will be a management professor or someone from a related field such as psychology, marketing or business law with whom you have already taken a course.

Your thesis advisor and the Management Honors advisor must approve your thesis, you need to present your thesis in a formal presentation scheduled in the second part of April and you need to submit a copy of the final approved Honors thesis with a signed approval form to the Honors office.

Once a graduation term has been changed, there is no need to re-apply for graduation. If you require assistance, contact your advisor or Undergraduate Advising office, or contact the Degree Audit office.

Graduating as a University Scholar

You choose your research questions, your data sources, and your analytical approach. Connecticut AND thesis followed by a department name or other keyword. Students participate in the university scholar program during their last three semesters of undergraduate study.

Alternatively, with the consent of your thesis advisor and your honors advisor, your thesis may be based on literature research. Enrollment in these courses requires permission by the Management Department Honors advisor and the course instructor.

Honors Program

Honors students have the opportunity to take Honors and graduate-level courses, work with faculty members to enrich existing courses, identify independent areas of study, and, in the senior year, write a thesis focused on an area of interest in management.

Students can also convert any other MGMT or business course not offered as an honors section to Honors. Any diploma printed with an incorrect name will be subject to the standard replacement fee and timeframe. Notification is sent via email once your record has been updated.

Analysis can include qualitative or quantitative approaches. Your thesis may reflect your laboratory research. In depth literature research on a topic of interest related but not covered in the course and a paper summarizing the findings The equivalent of a group project performed individually and independently of the group project for the class Independent analyses of an integrative HBS case study Graduate-level Courses.

Nucleic Acids Research 32 At least 3 of these 15 credits must be from an Honors or graduate course not an Honors conversion, independent study or research, or the senior thesis.

Ideas for your Honors research work and thesis might come from things you observe in organizations, articles you have read, topics discussed in class, or from research articles in top journals in management, business strategy, entrepreneurship, social psychology or other fields that can provide insights into individual and corporate behavior in organizations.

Help with sat essay Warner pacific college adp homework help for add students teresa, university of cambridge modern slavery mastermind figure university of florida universitydaytona beach aaron butler. Your thesis should have no borders, running headers or punched holes.

For Dissertations and Theses after Students will be notified via email when the diploma has been mailed. Staying engaged with the Management Department and looking out for invitations to connect with departmental faculty will help you to choose an appropriate advisor.

In the latter case it should take the form of a review article. Starting early, finding an advisor to work with, and devoting sufficient time each week to work on your thesis is critical.

In the first case your thesis should take the form of a masters thesis or a scientific journal research paper. Dissertation Specifications Changing graduation term Students who have applied for graduation who later determine that they will not complete their requirements by the above deadlines for example, students who anticipate failing a required course may change their graduation term by contacting the Degree Audit section of the Office of the Registrar.

Apply to Graduate To participate in the ceremony you must apply to graduate and submit your final plan s of study. How to Get Going on Your Honors Thesis Writing Honors thesis is rewarding because it allows you to explore a topic in ways that are not normally possible in structured courses.

You choose your research questions, your data sources, and your analytical approach. For Dissertations and Theses prior You are required to have a cap and gown to participate in the ceremony. UConn dissertations awarded between andand masters theses awarded between and Octoberare bound in red covers and are arranged by call number on Level A in Homer Babbidge Library.

This arrangement clusters dissertations by academic department. The collection of Honors papers and M.A. theses in the College Archives and in Digital Commons @Connecticut College is an intellectual record of the scholarly efforts of Connecticut College undergraduate and graduate students.

Your thesis advisor and the marketing honors advisor must approve your thesis and you need to submit a copy of the final approved honors thesis with a signed approval form to the honors office. Submit your thesis to UConn’s digital commons to share your insights with others.

GUIDELINES - Preparing an Honors Thesis in MCB. For examples, you can examine copies of the Honors theses of all previous students from the biology departments in the Honors office in ROWE or visit the Digital Commons.

1. Approval or title page - (see sample below). The approval page should include the title of your thesis, your full name. This thesis (open access) is brought to you for free and open access by the Student Research Papers at Digital [email protected] Southern.

It has been accepted for inclusion in University Honors Program Theses by an authorized administrator of Digital [email protected] Southern. This Honors Paper is brought to you for free and open access by the English Department at Digital Commons @ Connecticut College. It has been accepted for inclusion in English Honors Papers by an authorized administrator of Digital Commons @ Connecticut College.

Uconn honors thesis digital commons
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