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Who cares whether I like it or not.


This is supposed to be the HMBC spectrum of the compound, but there are artifacts all over it. Click to tweet While you should still do these things during your PhD, you could make use of some digital tools to be a better scientist and to grow your online reputation, visibility and academic footprint.

Click to tweet It sounds materialistic, specially when compared to this romantic idea of doing science for the progress of human knowledge. Here is how the code in mine looks: One of the most popular posts was simply an image of a Chinese goat, and nothing more, attracting over 46, views.

This should be a place for constructive conversation. Internet cafes in small towns are packed with youngsters playing games. Now you know how it really is at graduate school. Afterwards a surprisingly large number of people wrote to me wanting to become faster writers, or questioning whether learning to write faster was possible.

Chinese social networking sites and instant messaging programs are wildly popular.

The Early Retirement / Financial Freedom Spreadsheet!

In particular, we have Jerry, who agrees that Cosmos missed a chance to build bridges. Would you still keep producing content if you had 15 million in the bank. Neil Patelwho has consulted for eBay, Amazon, TechCrunch and other large web-based companies has completely changed the design of his sidebar and post footer to cater for this trend as well.

We all join graduate school with rainbows and butterfly ideas in our minds. He also contributed to what I call padding, which is now popular on news websites. And if your mother tongue is not English you should work hard not to sound like Google Translate.

The Early Retirement / Financial Freedom Spreadsheet!

The ads on the New York Times. I did not say that the Sagan quote is a defense of theism. His strategy worked, and he took it for all he could, quickly growing to over 28, subscribers in just 6 months of launching his blog. Not only will it help you get more search traffic to your images, but I think it helps the overall rankings of a page, as well.

Also in the cause of clarity: Not a single thing was ever done. A man named Satoshi Tajiri was obsessed with playing and developing video games from a young age, always trying to reverse-engineer other peoples work so he could see how they did what they did, and how he could make better games.

Adam makes a very good income helping people to reduce the junk and debt in their lives through his websiteand he has one hell of a fun time doing it.


By forcing you to articulate the gaps or uncertainties, these sentence scaffolds help you to confront your doubts about your work in a piecemeal fashion.

Every time I wrote an article, my homepage would change a few minutes later. When six-figure fitness blogger Steve Kamb is travelling around the world, keeping fit never leaves his mind.

Graduate School Advice Series: 10 Things You Should Know Before Starting A PhD

Too many Scientists, including promenant ones liek Francis Collins, are Theists for me to accept the notion that Science is incompatibel with Theism. Ryan is someone who has made millions of dollars in the Forex industry and beyond, and brought us hundreds of new customers in just a couple of days.

The post and homepage titles are the most important. I increased the number of posts that I show on ViperChill from 7 to 25 as an experiment over the last three weeks and looked at how it affected my bounce rate and pageviews.

Unbeknownst to you, there was a shop down the street trying to clear their stock and were selling them for a dollar. He also contributed to what I call padding, which is now popular on news websites.

They want to network with one another to foster an increasingly transparent, participatory and collaborative government. A great example of relevant, viral content that is likely to lead to product conversions comes via Benny over at Fluent in 3 months. The app uses the location service to track a user's location in the background.

Because, like Adam, he really loves his topic. The person who bought the site from me sold it on after just a few months, making a tidy profit from his investment. The second is because this affects a lot of people. It makes me laugh thinking about it now.

Do you know how many hit posts I could have created just from this one article. Science and non-science can go in pair, the problem is both sides are too often extremists in their belief. Which are these two sides so often extremist in their beliefs?.

DIY temperature controller for freezer/keezer

The following guide will take you through some of the key issues when it comes to thesis editing for Masters and PhD students.

Although it is Australian specific, the general principles apply everywhere. Apps. includes section on social media apps. Social media apps make it easier to create and distribute content and discuss the.

Update: there’s more going on here than meets the eye – see the end of the post. Crazy structure alert! See Arr Oh has pointed out a paper that appeared a few months ago in PLoS ONE, describing a new antibiotic. Yep, that’s it at left.

This is an important blog post, because it makes a prediction. A prediction about the future of blogging; a platform actively used by over million people (Nielsen data for.

(Video via InfoDev of the World Bank) Meet Randa Filfili, a young entrepreneur from is also the first Senegalese producer who saw value in the fruit of cashew trees that others had considered waste, and turned it into “niche” jam products for export.

Hi Sparrow - thanks for sharing, I thought your recollections & feelings quite genuine & touching - it was a nice & interesting read! I have no association with Rajinder, but used to follow the teachings of Gurinder at RSSB some 17 years ago.

Cool thesis blogs
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